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Social Media Marketing

Real time conversation with customers

Just to clarify - in Social media there is just 3 things That Matters: Volume (people talking about this) - Engagement (replies, retweets, comments, likes) - Traffic (traffic to website).

Every Social Media Channel has it own peak time's and every project has different individual follower login time's. It means every post we will post it has to be individually designed for Your social media channel. For each Social Media Channel we have to slightly change Your content but it has to stay consistent and has to have same meaning. Social Media Channels have different meaning and usage purpose. In Facebook we will need to post less, and it's more used for communicating with customers on other hand Twitter is a Social Media Channel for chit-chatting it means we have to keep posting at least twelve times a day for the biggest impact.

We will help You to identify and choose best Social Media Channel for Your company